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Thank you, you are so helpful. I plan to recommend you to many people who need bankruptcy help. :) - Stephanie B.
Thank you for your help, I really mean that. Your message this morning was longer than any conversation or email that I ever got from my other attorney during the divorce process, not much was ever explained to me at all. It is refreshing to have someone like you actually looking out for you clients.- Tom C. 
Just wanted to tell you one more time that you were very professional and very helpful through my whole ordeal. You made it go very smooth. You will get referrals from me. You’re also very fair on your charges for your services. - Ed F.
Thank you again for all of your help restructuring my finances and life really. My credit was an F when I started and [a few] short years later it’s close to an A+ score. Thank you for everything, it was as successful as I was hoping for! - Jeremy J.

Cost-Effective and Personable

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I encourage you to hire a bankruptcy attorney you feel comfortable working with. Your attorney should charge a reasonable fee tailored to your particular situation.  My firm represents a wide-array of clientele from high-income individuals with significant assets to low-wage no-asset single parents. This allows me to maintain a well-balanced law firm and helps me to stay abreast of the ever changing bankruptcy laws, procedures, and policies that affect each case differently. I strive to provide every client excellent customer service. I will be committed to your case regardless of the fee you pay. While I employ staff to assist in preparing your petition, schedules and letters, you will always correspond directly with me. I have many years of experience in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases.


My firm bases its rate on the complexity or lack thereof. Many chapter 7 cases are not all that complex for experienced counsel to represent.


More importantly, my clients always work directly with me. Your questions will always be promptly answered by me. I will thoroughly review your bankruptcy petition with you in person  and represent you at the trustee meeting. I have the experience and dedication to guarantee your satisfaction with my legal bankruptcy representation.


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About Bankruptcy Law in Colorado



The Colorado bankruptcy laws were amended in 2005 by a law known as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Abuse Protection Act (BACPA). The law has made filing bankruptcy much more complicated. One mistake or omission can result in a dismissal or loss of property. A dismissed bankruptcy has the same impact on your credit as a completed bankruptcy but without the benefit of a discharge of debt. A dismissal may prevent a debtor from re-filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy again for 6 months in some cases.


My clients are never unfavorably surprised in their bankruptcy case. I accomplish this by conducting several thorough interviews with my clients. . The result is a more thorough-streamlined process. You save time and money as a result. I then review the entire petition with you at my office.  My clients appreciate the time I spend meeting with them in person and they appreciate my quick turn-around for responding to voice-mails and emails. I do not take on more cases than I can handle and my clients can always count on an experienced bankruptcy attorney to respond promptly to their questions.


Contact us for a free in-house bankruptcy consultation. We are a debt relief agency and help people obtain financial relief by filing for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Denver, your most significant asset may be your current income and/or future earnings. Filing for bankruptcy will prevent creditors from garnishing your wages as soon as your petition is filed, even if the creditor has reduced your debt to a judgment and is currently collecting against your wages.


What is Bankruptcy? Read more about consumer bankruptcy in Denver here.


We only practice bankruptcy law. We are specialists and we guarantee your satisfaction with our bankruptcy representation in Denver Colorado. Foster Law Group is a Denver Bankruptcy Attorney specializing in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcy Cases in the Denver, Colorado metro area.