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How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy in Denver?


My attorney’s fees are the most affordable in the Denver area according to the most recent attorney fee survey which was based on publicly available attorney fee disclosures. The survey may be found here. 


I understand you would not be considering bankruptcy if you had a significant amount of disposable income to cover legal fees. I have had several years to develop an efficient and time-saving process for filing bankruptcy petitions which allows me to keep my fees much lower than most firms. However, because each case is different (some are more difficult than others) I cannot provide a potential client a fee quote until after I have discussed your financial situation with you over the phone.


Most cases are not difficult for experienced bankruptcy counsel to represent.


My average fee is just $650.00 for full representation


Other cases are much more complex. We will discuss the level of complexity (or lack of) during your initial consultation.


The court charges an additional court filing fee of $335.00 which can be paid in installments after the case is filed. The only other fees are a credit report at $35.00 (only charged if client cannot retrieve a free copy from and credit counseling at $9.00.


Save Money on Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Fees

I never charge my clients more than the quoted fee and I always provide a fee quote before you come into the office.


I always take the time to ensure my client’s concerns are addressed in a timely manner. I will not rush you through the process and I will not find ways to increase my fees after I have provided you a fee quote. I am easy to work with and go out of my way to ensure my clients understand the entire process. It is for this reason that so many of my clients come from referrals.


My fee agreement provides full representation through the final order of discharge. Whereas most attorney’s end their representation after the meeting of creditors, I continue to represent clients until they receive their discharge order, which is approximately three months after the creditor’s meeting.


Potential clients must complete a free initial consultation with an attorney before this firm can provide a fee quote.